Petra Dates the World

Petra Dates The World, DR reality series

Petra Dates The World is a unconventional television series where the host, Petra Nagel, puts her personal life and emotions on display as she dates men from all over the world.

The traditional interaction between a television host and people appearing on the television show, are cast aside as Petra sets off on a real mission to find a boyfriend. The role of the host is slightly washed out as Petra becomes more of an main character in the series. She experiences things on her own body as she dates men in a new country in every episode.   Boundaries are broken down when Petra explains to guys she randomly meet on the street, that she wants to go out on a real date with them. The result is an rare real insight on how different men across the world think of women and think of Petra. Through dating, the show portrait how different the world and its cultures still is.

Not just a journey…:

The journey Petra begins, is not just a physical journey from A to Z and back again. It is also a journey into Petras emotional state as a single woman in her mid-thirties, wanting to find the one and only true love. Along the show episodes Petra presents different challenges, thoughts and insecurities single women often have and she is being very blunt about it. Along the way Petra learns true insights from all the different countries she travels to – giving her ability to reflect on how different cultural beliefs and behaviors interact with another. This is a very important thing nowadays where fear of the unknown is a growing threat in the world.

Behind the show:

There were two objectives for the show:

First of we wanted to get a real multicultural meeting between two people, where the production crew on the show should stand in the background, so that the experience would be as real as possible. Petra should start and end the dates by herself. It was not dictated by the production crew or tight deadlines. This meant that Petra would form an honest opinion about the guys she met and she therefore could reflect on how they were different compared to Danish guys.

Second we wanted to break down the host role. We did not want a host that had a distance between herself and the people she would meet. She would also have to share her personal experiences and feelings on the show in order to have the viewers mirror themselves in Petra as a main character. This took a lot of courage from Petra side. She had to be the open minded free spirited Danish girl, challenging different cultures with totally different mindsets.


The reaction on seeing a Danish female host being outspoken about being insecure of her own body, feeling alone, afraid of ending up without kids, talking openly about sex has been extremely positive. The show was talked about in broad media and many women has contacted Petra since the show aired, telling her that she represents all the feelings and emotions that they are struggling with.

The massive feedback on the show – especially from female viewers also meant that Petra ended up with a being a new type of host on the network channel DR3 – more main character, less host.