Dažādas auditorijas sasniegšanas iespējas

Radošā Eiropa Latvija MEDIA birojs Baltijas jūras dokumentālo filmu foruma ietvaros organizēja semināru, rosinot filmu veidotājus un citus interesentus būt radošiem un domāt neierastākās kategorijās. Laure Cops no Beļģijas studijas NuNam mūs aicinās izmantot tehnoloģiju piedāvātās iespējas, lai sasniegtu pēc iespējas daudzveidīgāku auditoriju. Savukārt  Donald Rabinovitch no ASV izplatīšanas kompānijas CinemFlix Distribution mudinās mūs nebaidīties meklēt filmu izplatīšanas iespējas pāri okeānam.

Creative Europe MEDIA workshop


When: Thursday, September 6, 13:30 – 17:30

Venue: Monika Centrum Hotel, Main Hall (Elizabetes 21)

Paradigm Shift – Interactive Storytelling, Laure Cops, NuNam, Belgium (in co-operation with !Flab)

Interactive storytelling blurs the line between art and marketing. We at NuNam focus on exploring the emerging field of interactive factual narratives. We collaborate with social, cultural and commercial partners on the design of immersive experiences. Our areas of interest include digital documentaries, experimental storytelling, augmented/locative/VR experiences and collaborative design thinking.

In the workshop we’ll tell you what exactly we do and hopefully will inspire you. So what exactly do we do?

Think Apps. Think Chatbots. Think Podcasts. Think Browser-based experiences. Think Augmented Reality. Think Virtual Reality. Think Documentary. Think Games. Think Photography. Think Video. Think Fiction. Think Non-Fiction. Think of the place between those two. Think journalism. Think Entrepreneurship. Think community. Think Social. Think Impact. Think of all the things you didn’t think about…

Discovering US for Factual Content Distribution, Donald Rabinovitch, Cinemaflix Distribution, USA

There was a time, not too long ago, when filmmakers would spend a great deal of money and a great deal of time booking their films in worldwide markets. However, it became very difficult. Overseas distributors were only interested in action films and films with big-name stars.

To make matters worse, indie filmmakers who were lucky enough to get an overseas booking, were now having a tough time getting paid.

Things indeed looked bleak.

But now, it’s all changed. The emergence of hundreds of streaming outlets has leveled the playing field. Finally, for peanuts, indie filmmakers can now have their films (also documentaries!) shown in almost every country in the world.