Christian Routh CV

Christian is a script editor and film consultant based in Catalonia, Spain. From there he works for various training institutions, directors, production companies, and state agencies, including Eurimages, the Berlinale Residency, the Doha Film Institute, the Macedonian Film Agency, the Georgian National Film Agency, Transilvania Pitch Stop, and, until 2015, the Binger Film Lab in Amsterdam, where he had been tutoring for over 15 years.

In 2012, he initiated the first HEZAYAH screenwriting workshops in Qatar, and continues to work with filmmakers in the Gulf States. He is also involved in a number of European Union supported film and TV training programmes, such as SCRIPTEAST, where he has been the co-head of studies since 2008, with events in Poland, Berlin, and Cannes, serving central European filmmakers. From its inception in 2008 until 2012 he was head of studies of a European film school initiative called FOUR CORNERS. Prior to that he held the same post at the PILOTS TV workshops in Sitges, Spain, and its successor, CO-PILOTS. In 2006, Christian was the co-author of a book called ‘Script Development’.

Before moving to Spain in 2000 from his native London, he was head of selection at the European Script Fund and EMDA, in London, from 1989 until 1998. Whilst there he helped support hundreds of European films and companies, including ‘Toto le Hero’, ‘Orlando’, ‘Breaking the Waves’, and ‘Elizabeth’. Prior to that he had been a film buyer and development executive with Thorn-EMI, Cannon UK, and Red Rooster Films.