Filmu ražošana un izplatīšana digitālajā vidē

Nacionālais Kino centrs un “Radošā Eiropa Latvija MEDIA” birojs Baltijas jūras dokumentālo filmu foruma ietvaros organizēja semināru par dokumentālo filmu ražošanu un izplatīšanu digitālajā vidē. Seminārs angļu valodā notika piektdien, 9. septembrī, no 14:00 līdz 17:30 viesnīcas Albert Hotel (Dzirnavu ielā 33) 11. stāva konferenču zālē.

Creative Europe MEDIA Workshop on Distribution, Production and Innovation for Documentaries in the Digital Age

When: Friday, September 9, 14:00 – 17:30
Venue: Albert Hotel, Main Hall 11th Floor


John Marshall, Docosmedia (UK)

Every media technology produces its own particular content: the printing press produced the novel, radio produced “standard” news, lightweight cameras produced non-studio films. So what content does digital media technology produce? How does this affect documentary?

John Marshall will talk about the distinguishing characteristics of digital media that documentaries will have to consider, especially feedback loops (cybernetics) and the way digital media is a process, not a product – always in a state of development. These are extremely powerful processes but do raise profound questions about how we can find revenues in digital systems, the nature of creativity, the role of audiences and producers… and the purpose of documentary itself in this context.

Enjoy video of the lecture here.

Vincent Lucassen, Under the Milky Way (Austria)

Global VoD platforms make it possible and affordable to release European arthouse movies and documentaries in more than hundred countries around the world. In order to profit from these new opportunities Under the Milky Way build-up a workflow dedicated to independent filmmaking. In his lecture Vincent Lucassen, documentary producer himself, will explain how multilingual packages and the new digital supply chain enable you to reach an international audience for your film.

Enjoy video of the lecture here.