Kursi 2007. gadā

Date & PlaceTitleCooperation PartnersTrainersAudience
February 1, NFC, RigaFilm Financing Trends in EuropeMEDIA Desk Latvia, NFCThierry Baujard, Peaceful Fish, DEDecision makers
February 16, NFC, RigaWriting Documentary Treatments for MEDIA applicationsMEDIA Desk Latvia, NFCTue Steen Mueller, DKDocumentary professionals
May 3-4, Film Museum, RigaAnimation WorkshopMEDIA Desk Latvia, NFCMichel Ocelot, FRAnimation professionals
June 26-July 3, New Riga Theatre, RigaFilm Actors’ MasterclassMEDIA Desk Latvia, NFC, Academy of Motion Pictures Visiting Artists Program Lisa Eichhorn UK/USSelected film & theatre actors
August 2-3, Spikeri, RigaPublic Lectures on Sound and Cinematography in Documentay within EsoDoc Session in LatviaMEDIA Desk Latvia, NFC, Elm Media, AvantisChris Wherry, UK; Lars Barthel, SEDocumentary professionals
October 22-23, NFC, RigaTips on Applying to TV Broadcasting SchemeMEDIA Desk Latvia, NFCClaudia Schreiner, MDR, DEDocumentary professionals
October 27, Cinema Daile, RigaIrish film “Once” and its road to the commercial success in the USMEDIA Desk Latvia, NFCDavid Collins, IELatvian AV professionals
December 12-17, K.Suns, RigaDemocracy in Documentary Cinema “Why Democracy” film screeningsMEDIA Desk Latvia, NFCMette Hoffmann Meyer, DKDocumentary professionals