Kursi 2006. gadā

Date & PlaceTitleCooperation PartnersTrainersAudience
March 31, DKI, RigaDocumentary StorytellingMEDIA Desk Latvia, NFC, DKITue Steen Mueller, DenmarkSelected documentary professionals
April 5-6, K.Suns, RigaDigital Content Consultancy and SeminarMEDIA Desk Latvia, NFC, DKI, Nordic Baltic Film FundPeter Olaf Looms, DR Interactive, DenmarkAll AV Professionals in Latvia
May 31, National Theatre, RigaActors MasterclassMEDIA Desk Latvia, NFCLisa Eichorn, actress UK/USSelected actors
November 24, DKI, RigaARTLAB seminar on creative industriesMEDIA Desk Latvia, NFC, DKIChristian Have, Have Communications, DenmarkAV professionals in Latvia