Christian Have CV

Personal information
Name Christian Have
Address Carit Etlars Vej 3, 1814 Frederiksberg C, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nationality, Gender Danish, Male
Date of birth 06-06-54
Academic positions
Position Associated professor, Cultural Governance and Media Science, Department of Corporate Development and Management at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Delivering of lectures, work with CVL (Centre for Business Development and Management) media science regarding the effect that social media have on organisations.
Position Associated professor, Department of Communications at Aalborg University, Denmark
Delivering of lectures, projects regarding audience development under ApEx (Center for Applied Experience Economy) and ExCITe (Center for Experience Economy, Creative Industries and Technologies), as well as Kreative Alliancer (Creative Alliances), a project regarding new ways of involving audiences, business and cultural institutions.
Position External examiner at various universities and educational institutions in Denmark
Roskilde University (Performance Design, Journalism and Communications), The Royal Danish Academy of Music and The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg.
Position Member of the recruitment panel at Roskilde University, Denmark
Qualifying degree programmes within Journalism, Communications and Human Sciences.
Position Member of the recruitment panel at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Qualifying degree programmes within Human Sciences.
Business positions
Position CEO & owner (1983-2010), Creative Director (2010-onwards) of Have Communications
Christian Have is the founder (in 1983), owner, former CEO (until 2010) and current Creative Director of Have Communications (from 2010), one of the leading communications agencies in Europe.

Christian Have and Have Communications have worked on a highly extensive list of projects, including:

  • Development and implementation of the PR strategy and press events surrounding “In A Better World”, the Academy Award-winning feature film by Susanne Bier
  • The celebration of Hans Christian Andersen’s 200th birthday
  • Concept development, realization and execution of CSR Awards 2011, the first European award show celebrating Corporate Social Reponsibility, held in September 2011 with Al Gore as keynote speaker
  • Work as strategic advisor and lobbyist to the EU, political bodies and the corporate business society for the Danish city of Sønderborg’s candidature for European Capital of Culture in 2017
  • Development of creative and cultural strategies for Lithuania and Latvia
Position Consultant and owner, CHave
Christian Have also has his own consultancy business, working as a coach of individuals, particularly within the cultural world, as well as working as a public speaker and active participant in the public debate. He has written several books on communication within the cultural field, audience behavior and the celebrity culture. (See the complete list and descriptions of each book under Additional information.)
Think tanks
Christian Have has established the following think tanks, all of which he is also the chairman of:

  • Supertankeren (strategic cultural policies)
  • Spring Digital (social media innovation and development)
  • The Future Tank (futurology, specifically within communications, innovations and international cultural dialogue)
Skills and competences
Mother tongue Danish
Other languages English, Spanish, German
Organisational skills & competences Business management, structuring and development skills and competences acquired over the course of 28 years of working as the CEO of Have Communications, as well as working as a strategic communications advisor as well as a mentor with several business academies.
Additional information Awards:

  • 2011: Nominated for a Stevie Award for Taking The Lead
  • 2008: Have Communications received a Stevie Award for Best live event of the year
  • 2007: Christian Have received a Stevie Award in the category Best Communication Executive for the outdoor play “Thor” in Ulvedalene, north of Copenhagen, and was nominated for the international PR-prize European Exellence Award for the two plays “Hamlet” and “The Light above Skagen”
  • 2006: Christian Have and Have Communications received Sabre Award for the PR campaign conducted in 60 countries in the world in relation to the 200th anniversary of H.C. Andersen.  Was nominated for a Stevie Award
  • 2005: Christian Have and Have Communications received a Sabre Award in the category “entertainment and culture” for the PR campaign conducted for the H.C. Andersen Foundation
  • 2001: Christian Have and Have Communications were nominated for a Golden World Award for the PR campaign conducted in relation to “The Reumert Award”
  • 1997: Christian Have and Have Communications were nominated for a Golden World Award for the PR-campaign conducted in relation to “The Reumert Award”


“Visibility Equals Existence” (2004) about communication within the cultural field.

“The Communicative Society – The Communication of Tomorrow” (2008) about the future of communication.

“Dreaming of Fame” (2010) about the effects of what is labeled the celebrity culture.

“Seize the Future” (2011) about why seniors should embrace social media.

”Visibility Equals Existence 3.0” (2012) – a thoroughly revised version of the 2004 book.

Currently working on a book on the effect social media have on audience behavior.

Board memberships:

The Royal Danish Theatre

Wonderful Copenhagen

The National Danish Press Association

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

The Association of Festivals and Events in Denmark (FED)

EKKO (movie magazine)

The Children’s Heart Foundation

The National Gallery of Denmark

Taking The Lead (Integration project)

The Royal Danish Guard’s Music Corps


Tordenskioldsdagene i Frederikshavn

Fredericia Musicalteater



Violin Consult

Memberships and special positions:

Creative Forum – an independent think tank, advicing the political system of Copenhagen on how to ensure the best conditions for creative businesses and creative leadership. Established by the City of Copenhagen in 2006 by then Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard. Members include current Lord Mayor Frank Jensen, Mayor of Employment and Integration Klaus Bondam and the Mayor of Culture and Leisure Pia Allerslev.

The strategic panel at the University of Copenhagen

The Danish representative at IPRA (The International Public Relations Association)

Special embassador to Danish People’s Aid




The Danish Association of Communication Professionals

CPH Kids